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CRI97 36W CCT LED Strip

  CCT LED Streifen 24V dualweiß 36W/m warmweiß+kaltweiß , 
11930 Auswahl ,Beleuchtung LED-Bänder  , Spanndecken LED licht


Model HS-C02/CCT
Voltage / Power 24V DC | 36W /Meter
LED Qty 480 LED ( 2 x 120ww + 2x 120 cw)/pcs
Color 2700K - 7000K
CRI > 97
Dimension 5000mm * 12mm * 2mm ( L * W * H )
Warranty 3 Years warranty. MOQ 500 Meters
US $ * Promotion
36W White Adjustable CCT LED Strip
Very densely packed dual-white CCT LED strip with adjustable color temperature in two rows

 Beleuchtung und Lichtsysteme für Spanndecken ,LED-Streifen - CCT

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36W CCT LED Strip - High-Quality Stretch Ceiling | Suspended Ceiling Lighting Solution - LED Lights


  1. CCT 36W LED strip is flexible and can be bent and laid up to a bending radius of 2cm
  2. The CCT LED strip can be dimmed without any loss of efficiency 24V operating voltage (safety extra-low voltage)

36w CCT Tunable White LED Strip Lights

 Spanndecken & LED-Lichtdecken , 36w CCT LED Streifen 24V dualweiß 36W/m warmweiß + kaltweiß - Eigenschaften

The strip is very densely packed with 480 LEDs per meter (2 rows of 120 groups each consisting of one cold white and one warm white LED),
so that homogeneous illumination can be achieved even at a short distance from the cover or projection surface

The dual-white CCT LED strip has offset cold and warm white LEDs installed.
The color temperature of the LED strip can be adjusted using a suitable cold white-warm white CCT LED controller.
This is done by regulating the brightness of the cold and warm white LEDs relative to each other
The color temperature of the LED strip can be adjusted between 2700K and 7000K
The LED strip has a very high color rendering (CRI-97) for very color-accurate lighting applications

The adjustability of the color temperature as well as the high color rendering makes this LED strip ideal for presentation lighting.
You can use the effect of color temperatures for your products to put them in the spotlight even better It can be useful to choose cold white light for more technical products and warm white light for cosmetics and food,

CCT LED für Profile und Spanndecken, LED-Beleuchtung

for example : Due to the high performance of the LED strip, it can only be operated up to a maximum length of 300cm in one go and it is necessary to cool it.

We therefore recommend installing this strip in LED aluminum profiles, which absorb and dissipate the heat from the strip

CCT LED Streifen 24V dualweiß 36W/m warmweiß + kaltweiß - Eigenschaften

Miss Emma   :

CCT LED Controller
 LED-Controller zur Farbtemperatur-Steuerung (Tuneable White)
 CCT Dual weiß LED Streifen Contoller 2.4G
 LED Controller für LED Streifen online kaufen
 4-Zonen Kontroll Panel für CCT LED-Streifen warmweiß-kaltweiß Dual White batteriebetrieben
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