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CRI97 26W CCT LED Strip

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Model HS-C02/CCT
Voltage / Power 24V DC | 26W /Meter
LED Qty 288 LED ( 2 x 144)/pcs
Color 2400K - 6500K
CRI > 97
Dimension 5000mm * 10mm * 2mm ( L * W * H )
Warranty 3 Years warranty. MOQ 500 Meters
US $ * Promotion
Tunable White LED Strip Lights
2024 New design, High CRI, High Density, High Lm , High Power

 dualweiße CCT LED Streifen mit kalt - LED-Konzept

Adjustable color temperature CW&WW Indoor LED Strip Light is a high-quality lighting solution designed for indoor stretch ceiling , suspends ceiling , home decoration light .

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CCT Adjustable LED Strip Light | 288 leds /m High density design


  1. CRI95
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CCT LED Strip - High-Quality Ceiling Home Lighting Solution

 LED-Streifen - CCT , 26W /m ,Spanndecken: Beleuchtung

CCT LED Streifen 24V dualweiß 26W/m warmweiß + kaltweiß - Eigenschaften

The 26w CCT LED strip with approx. 3300lm per meter and is suitable for many applications thanks to its dimmability and adjustable light color

thanks to its high light output and dimmability, the CCT LED strip can be used for many applications
the CCT LED strip is very densely equipped with 288 LEDs/m (2 x 144 LEDs/m) thanks to the dense assembly, the CCT LED strip can illuminate even when the distance to the cover or projection surface is small relatively flat profiles (with opal cover),

such as profile FKT, SKTP and MOZEL, can be illuminated evenly with this CCT LED strip
the CCT LED strip lights up very colorfast with a color rendering of CRI95
The CCT LED strip can be operated up to a length of 500cm in one go
The CCT LED strip can be dimmed without any loss of efficiency
24V operating voltage (protective extra-low voltage)
Cold and warm white LEDs are installed offset on the dual-white CCT LED strip.
The color temperature of the LED strip can be adjusted using a suitable cold white-warm white CCT LED controller. This is done by regulating the brightness of the cold and warm white LEDs relative to each other The color temperature of the LED strip can be set between 2500K and 6500K

The color temperature spectrum allows the CCT LED strip to be used for a wide variety of applications With 2500K, the CCT LED strip can be set to a very cozy light color, suitable for restaurants and living areas Due to the adjustability of the color temperature, rich luminosity and high color rendering, this CCT LED strip is also very suitable for presentation lighting and sales area lighting

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CCT LED Controller
 LED-Controller zur Farbtemperatur-Steuerung (Tuneable White)
 CCT Dual weiß LED Streifen Contoller 2.4G
 LED Controller für LED Streifen online kaufen
 4-Zonen Kontroll Panel für CCT LED-Streifen warmweiß-kaltweiß Dual White batteriebetrieben
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