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Dual-White LED Tapes (colour-temperature changing)

  Suspended Ceilings  LED Strip,  CCT LED Band,  CCT LED Tape


Model HS-C02/CCT
Voltage 24V DC / 12V DC OEM
Option A 120LED / m
Option B 144LED / m
Option C 168LED / m
Option D 192LED / m
Color 6500K + 2300K
Package 5Meters/Roll . 10Meters/Roll
Warranty 3 Years warranty. MOQ 500Meters
Product Detail
Adjustable White LED Strip | 2300-6500k | 120LED . 144LED. 168LED. 192LED .

LED Strip CCT adjustable. Dual White color CCT Strip. Color Temperature from 2300K To 6500K / Ceiling Lamp

1+1 192LED / Meter 24V DC 19W / Meter. 10mm PCB Board. Package 5 Meters / Roll
    18W 19W 192LED/M CCT LED Strip , Suspended Ceilings   LED Strip

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Dual-white CCT stands for ‘correlated colour temperature’ LED tape. Elsewhere, you’ll find them referred to as tuneable white LEDs or adjustable white LEDs.

Dual-white LED tapes, also known as CCT LEDs, are a great alternative for primary/task lighting and highlight installations that require white-light LEDs.

Because their diodes are mounted in pairs, outputting two distinct shades of white light, dual-white LEDs enable you to adjust the tone of your lighting to suit your mood or the time of day.

Colour Temperature Controlled Tape / China Stretch Ceiling LED Light Supplier / CCT Tunable Flexi Strip

1+1 168LED / Meter 8mm PCB board , 14W / Meter. Package : 10 Meters / Roll
  Adjustable white LED Strip , 168led/m CCT Stretch Ceiling LED

1+1 144LED / Meter 10mm PCB board , 14W / Meter. Package : 10 Meters / Roll
   144LED /M,  Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Strip , CCT LED Ceiling Strip

China CCT Adjustable LED Strip Manufacturer : Best Price , Fast Shipping , High Quality .

24V Super Bright Cool To Warm Colour Tunable LED Tape, 2300K to 6500k, 19W, IP20 (5m Reel)

Adjustable white LED Strip
Best for Stretch Ceiling Light .
   Tunable White LED Strip Lights Adjustable Color,

The CCT LED Strip Must Use the CCT LED Controller to make it work ok.
    Dual-White LED Tapes (colour-temperature changing), Stretch Ceiling LED

  1. IP Rating: IP21 / IP65 / IP67
  2. Wattage: 12w / 14w /19w per metre
  3. Colour Temperature: 2300k to 6500k /li>
  4. Tape Width: 10mm / 8mm
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  1. Flexible led strip for linear lighting with dynamic LED, it can gradually go from 2300K to 6500K
  2. 3M adhesive tape on the back. The dual cable header allows for faster series connection.
  3. under 3 MacAdam Steps
  4. The high density of LED (192 chips per meter) allows homogeneous lighting on all surfaces.

STRIP LED  Bianco dinamico

Have you ever wanted to change color temperature without having to change your system? Now you can do this, switch from cold light to warm light by touching the touch remote so you can make your store or home more comfortable. Modulate the light temperature of your choice, gradually moving from 2300K warm light to 6000K cold light, and relax in your new atmosphere.

China LED Strip Light Manufacturer : 2835.3528.5050.5630.COB Strips...

  • CRI90 SDCM<3 120LED.Meter 2835 LED STRIP Light HS-C02/120
  • 5050 60LED/M, 14.4W 2700K - 6500K Classical LED Strip HS-B01/White
  • 3528 120LED/M, 3000K - 6500k Classical LED Strip HS-A01
  • 5630/5730 60LED/M, High Power LED Strip HS-D01
  • Rigid LED Strip Special design for Stretch Ceiling. HS-C08