LED Streifen für Spanndecken , Beleuchtung , lichtdecken

CRI90 5mm COB

  COB LED Streifen für Spanndecken und Beleuchtung , 5mm COB LED Streifen


Model HS-D09
Voltage 24V DC / 12V DC
Width 5mm PCB width
Narrow . Ultra series
Color 6000K / 4000K / 3000K / 2700K / 2300K
Red . Green . Blue . Yellow
Package 5Meters / Roll
Warranty 3 Years warranty. MOQ 500Meters
Product Detail
Ultra thin 5mm COB LED Strip For Stretch Ceiling and Suspended Ceilings

Ultra thin 5mm COB LED Streifen : 12V oder 24V, 3000k 4000k 6000k for Stretch ceiling and Suspended Ceilings

Dimension   5 mm COB LED Streifen,   cob led band ,  LED   für  lichtdecken,   LED   für Spanndecken

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5mm COB LED Bändern für Spanndecken und Beleuchtung

  • High CRI:Ra>90 R9>60
  • 100-110 lm / w
  • Beam angle 180°
  • Voltage : 12v / 24v DC
  • 5mm PCB board
  • It can be cut along the cutting position
  • LED für lichtdecken, LED für Spanndecken

     LED   für  lichtdecken,   LED   für Spanndecken

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2021 Top Selling LED Strip Light : Best for Stretch Ceiling and Home Decoration , Cabinet Light

Thanks to the use of COB LED’s, we gain greater brightness, increased lifetime and lower power consumption than with standard SMD LEDs. The main advantage of this LED strip is the high density of LEDs, which gives the effect of a uniform light line

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   led  Streifen für  Lackspanndecken, Lichtdecken und Spanndecken

High density 5mm Narrow Thin COB LED Strip Light for Stretch Ceiling

   Lichtdecke mit LED-Streifen  , 5mm cob led strip

No Dot or Light Spot COB LED Strip Light ( led Streifen für Lackspanndecken, Lichtdecken und Spanndecken )

   spanndecken mit beleuchtung  , 480led /m Led-streifen, 5mm Led-streifen

it is highly recommended to use LED strips with metal heatsinks in order to dissipate the amount of heat generated. It would be much better to use anodized aluminium heatsinks. Do not use electrically conductive heatsinks to avoid short circuits that can damage the LED strip.

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480led /m COB LED Streifen für Spanndecken und Beleuchtung

Flexible LED strip with double sided tape for a fast installation even on curved surfaces. Thanks to the coating that covers the LEDs, the COB strip allows to create a dot free light with a wide beam angle of 180°.

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What is the stretch ceiling ?
The illuminated ceiling or stretch ceiling is an exciting trend in interior lighting. By using a translucent material many square meters in size and backlighting system, a diffuse, even and relaxing illumination of interiors can be created.

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